“I want you to know that we have worked with, what feels like, countless practitioners. You are a clear stand out. You cut through the chaos. You are deeply knowledgeable. Your guidance is actionable.” – Courtney Homer, mom to Sully


“Jess provides insight and context with her recommendations.  She gave us knowledge and confidence, and our child has benefited tremendously as a result.” – Suzanne P. Mom to Willow


“When I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis, I was keen to change my diet rather than just depend on medication for healing. With her training and knowledge I had full confidence in her advice and indeed the diet has made the difference in my healing. What I appreciated most about Jess was that she took the time to tailor the diet to me and did not just present me with a prescribed diet to follow.” – Rebecca


“I am really grateful for the community you have provided. Having this keeps me taped into what is fundamental and key to less anxiety overall b/c caring for our children (as you well know) means also caring for ourselves, and I love having the group to keep me anchored in that thought.” – Kim, Mamacare participant and member of the Raising Resilience Community


“I met Jess when I attended a  fermentation workshop that she offered and was immediately impressed with her extensive knowledge and experience. Shortly after, we began working with Jess and the recommendations and advice she provided resulted in significant improvements in the health of our son, who has suffered from severe gastrointestinal issues. Jess is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation.” – Sarah, mom to Noah and Gabe


“I really learned a lot of tips, tricks, and techniques to introduce healthy alternatives to my family.” – workshop participant


“Jess is fabulous in sharing her wisdom in a kind and informative fashion!” – workshop participant


“Jess is a true advocate for children’s health and for families.  She was a huge support to our family as we searched for answers to our child’s health issues.  She helped us dig and find connections that were being missed.  She listened to our story and stood by us the whole way, making practical suggestions as we went.  Having Jess by our side was truly a blessing.” – Joy, mom to Marc


“Jess helped us give Theo a stronger start in life. Theo is now a boisterous nine month old baby with a healthy appetite. Thanks, Jess, for helping us give our boy  the best beginning we could.” – Sarah G, mom to Theo


“I can honestly say that Jess is the real deal.  She cares passionately about raising healthy children, and equally about the wellbeing of parents.  Her work, advice and knowledge will help each family THRIVE in all aspects of their lives – starting with nutrition.  She is a gift to the world! I endorse her 100%! “ – Sarah Day Miller, MamaCare participant


“Jess is extremely knowledgeable in her field of nutrition. Her passion for others health is commendable and she is delightful to work with.  She goes way above and beyond to offer support and keep you informed while under her care.”  – Renee, Mom to Drake


“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing difference you made with my Mom and her health. Thank you for the time and care you took with her.” – Michael Collins


“Your Raising Resilience Jumpstart program has been a very helpful resource! I am a research biologist in the field of toxicogenomics and even though I have come across a lot of the material at some point or another, it has been very useful to have it all presented logically in a program framed from the perspective of a holistic nutritionist and parent of young children who realizes what we are up against. The material is easy to access and intuitive, the strategies and material is helpful. Your Q&A sessions have been awesome and so personalized for an online course. I also love your book!” – Julie, Raising Resilience Jumpstart program participant.


“I am so glad that I picked up Raising Resilience. Jess has written a perfect guide for families to easily wrap their minds around necessary dietary changes, and somehow without feeling overwhelming. Her information is so concise, well-written, and no-fuss that you can’t help but agree with every point and it would be very difficult to NOT make changes after reading even parts of this book. This book stays in the kitchen with me, and gets opened up often to my many doggy-eared pages to read an excerpt to my mother or husband. I am already seeing changes in our 3.5 year old daughter’s trickier behaviours and I feel so great myself. Focusing on whole foods and on a diet to support stable blood sugar has already started to change our lives!! Reading labels for ingredients (and dropping foods from our kitchen that I once thought were just OK) has never felt so good. I have read so many things about nutrition here and there, but none have given me such a good handle on how to feed my family. This book is all that you need! Thank you Jess!” – Julia Nichols about Raising Resilience


“Your Thriving Babies course changed our lives. It reaches so far beyond feeding babies. Our entire family benefited. I couldn’t recommend Jess more.” – Sarah, mom to Charlie and George


“Love Jess Sherman and her special gift of helping families feed and nurture their children lovingly and so completely healthyfully. I give Jess and her programs 10 little fingers and 10 little toes up!” – Jenn Pike, mom of 2 and health expert


I appreciate that you deliver information in a way that isn’t frightening or belittling…and that your suggestions for solutions are presented in a way that feels manageable. I often avoid reading on these topics because I walk away feeling like a terrible parent and like I don’t even know where to begin. Reading your emails and articles leave me feeling empowered and hopeful. – Jenna Gernon mom of 2