Top Tips For Holiday Recovery (video)

Easter just happened. In our home that means 4 days off school, visitors, late nights, too much sugar, more overall stimulation, lack of routine, dinners out…. so it’s not surprising that behaviour, energy and mood have been a little “off” in the days after.

Holidays can bring on what I call “a stress storm”. In the 30 minute video training I did on Facebook this week (posted below) I talk about how this kind of stress storm impacts kids and what you can do to help bring them back to balance swiftly and efficiently.

It all comes down to Resilience. Again.

Social, Environmental and Biological stressors impact our kids’ health and behaviour. Luckily, they are equipped with amazing mechanisms to help them manage that stress – some are learned strategies, some are built in to our body’s natural systems. The better these mechanisms work the more resilient a child is; the easier they can “bounce back” from a stress storm.

When stressors overwhelm the body’s ability to cope, that’s when symptoms arise – be it fatigue, aggression, tantrums, depression, increased anxiety, hyperactivity etc….

How you can help your kids is twofold:

1) You can learn to recognize those symptoms for what they are (a response to stressors) and identify the triggers. This helps you find compassion for their behaviour, and also helps you relieve excess stress best you can

2) You can help nudge their body back to balance by enhancing their ability to handle stress.

Our kids are exposed to a great deal of stress and that stress is a main driver of their behaviour.  I have found that it’s harder to manage those stressors during a holiday. So after holidays (like Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc) I go into “damage control” and help them recover from that stress storm using the tools I talk about in this video. This is not all about food, though that certainly plays a part.

In this training I talk about how to focus in on potential social, environmental and biological stressors and use that knowledge to help your kids rebound.

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