The microbiome – (video)

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If you’ve ever met me, taken one of my workshops, heard me speak, or read any of my writing, you’ll know that I’m gut obsessed.

If I could teach parents just one thing about how to raise resilient, healthy kids it would be how to support their digestion

The microbiome of the body – that is, the collection of bacteria that exist in and around our bodies – seems to be the key to our health and our happiness.

So when someone comes to see me for advice around how nutrition might be related to a health complaint, the very first thing we talk about is gut health and digestion.  Then we focus on how they might rebalance their gut micro biome

Sometimes it means cutting certain foods out – the ones that are not being digested well or are causing inflammation or irritation.  Sometimes it means adding certain foods in – ones that feed the gut bacteria, soothe the gut lining, nourish the enterocytes.

Most of our bacteria is housed in the gut, but really, our entire body both inside and out, is covered with… yes… bugs. They are good bugs, though. Essential bugs.

If we annihilated these bugs we would die.

But it’s not really annihilation we’re talking about.  It’s the the slow process of degeneration.  Sugar, pollution, smoke, stress, antibiotics, NSAIDs… they slowly cause the inner microbiome to degenerate.  And that leaves us open and vulnerable.

… unless we take steps to re-establish harmony “in there”.

Scientists are learning that Microbes seem to regulate everything – from our immune systems, to our emotions to our metabolism and even DNA expression. They are THAT important. So, in my opinion, the very first thing that mothers need to learn and do with their little ones is support the proper colonization of these little helpers. That’s what I teach them in my Thriving Babies class. I teach them that even before we introduce solid foods to our babies, we need to ensure that the development of the digestion is well on its way… and moving in the right direction. And I show them how to do that.

This little 5 minute video explains why the microbiome of the body is so critical…. well done, NPR!

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