Simplicity Parenting

simplicitySimplicity Parenting.  Catchy title, isn’t it?

It’s the name of the best parenting book I’ve come across.   My go-to resource.

Sim-pli-fy – “to make something simpler or easier to do or understand”.    Simplify.  Just the sound of the word makes my shoulders drop and eyes close and my body breathe in… deeply.  It sets my mind at ease.

At first glance “simplicity parenting” seems like an oxymoron.  Parenting is not simple, easy to do or understand.  Whom among us is not run off their feet, mired in clutter, gasping for breath, trying to stay above water?  Whom among us isn’t flying by the seat of our pants, grasping at straws, doing whatever works?  Whom among us doesn’t want to simplify?  We’re busy parents, after all.

There’s a certain edge to your days when you are parenting.  When we decided to become parents we allowed unknown variables into our lives; variables we can influence, but not control.  Variables that tend to dictate our thoughts as well as much of the direction of our days.

Do we have the right toys? Are we enrolled in the right classes? Are they doing ok in school?  Do they feel safe?  Is it time for a doctor’s check-up?  Who needs a ride to which event?  What’s for dinner?

Then…Uh oh, someone’s sick!  Tailspin.simplicity

Simplicity parenting.  A way to calm it all down.

This book is not about food, it is about wellness.  We all know the importance of food.  You read this blog because you know about the importance of food.  I write it for the same reason.  We work hard to educate ourselves about it, to make good choices, to make the time.  But this book adds a whole new dimension to child wellness.

It’s about how to create physical and emotional space in our lives so that our kids can do what they need to do…. observe; create; grow; develop.  It’s about creating the absence of stuff.  It’s about wrapping our family lives in a sense of calm.

A foundational concept of holistic health is that of homeostasis.  We are designed to be healthy.   We are designed to be in perfect balance.  When the body is not in homeostasis it triggers reactions that restore it.  And, if we’re observant, we notice symptoms.  We notice that things are out of balance and we can make changes that support the body’s restoration.

It is the same thing with development.  A child is designed to develop, to grow.  Simplicity Parenting is about creating an environment, a rhythm, and a schedule that allows space to let growth happen… in its own time.  We need to observe and nurture.  We need to be patient.  We need to notice the symptoms that indicate when things are out of balance and change the environment accordingly to help.  It is only when you simplify that you can notice.

Simplify.  Thank you Kim John Payne.

“the central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears” – KJP

Have you read it?  What did you think?

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  • Sarah S.

    Reply Reply March 21, 2013

    Just finished reading the book! Thank you for the inspiring recommendation! The first few pages had me excited about simplifying my life and after I focus on me for a while I will be ready to move on to simplifying life for the rest of my family!

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