The Resilient Family: Natural Cold-Flu Prevention And Treatment – with Dr Jenn Keller

As part of The Resilient Family series Dr Jenn Keller and I sat down for a chat about how to set up your home medicine cabinet. The goal of these interviews is to give parents like you simple strategies to raise healthy kids naturally.

Dr Keller shared some of the BEST tips for the foods, herbs, tinctures and remedies to keep on hand for preventing and also for treating sniffles, sneezes, fevers and more.

One of the biggest take-aways here is that, even though getting sick is a natural part of childhood, there is SO much you can do to keep your little ones comfortable and able to fight infection and colds with efficiency.

There’s really nothing worse than seeing your lovely kids struggle through illness and not knowing how to help them. Well, here are some fantastic tools.


Jenn Keller is a Naturopathic Doctor, organic farmer and mom. She has a general family practice and a special interest in women’s health, pregnancy, maternal-infant postpartum care and pediatrics. She is also a trained doula, a nature lover and a crafting junkie.

Dr. Jenn offers a wide range of services to help mothers and their kids including well baby checkups, support for acute infection and illness, blood work and other testing, and general health maintenance. You can contact her through the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre or the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre.

For more tools to keep your kids healthy see this post.

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