How To Identify A SuperFood For Kids

Here’s some Truth….

A Superfood need not be obscure or hard to pronounce, it need not come from the Amazon jungle or the highest mountain top.

And it need not cost an arm and a leg.

In fact, Superfoods are often right in front of your nose. They can be local to your area. They can be humble foods like The Apple.

Here’s my definition of a SuperFood For Kids….

A Superfood is one that nails each of my 3 core diet strategies for raising resilience

That means it’s….

  • Nutrient dense
  • Friendly to blood sugar
  • Supportive of digestion

You can learn more about what all that means in this post or this video. Or you can take my word for it… that those 3 concepts (nutrient density, blood sugar stability and digestion) lie at the headwaters of good health.

What you feed your kids matters.  It really matters.

But we are busy parents… we need to be spectacularly efficient with our time, money and energy.

This is why I want to focus you in on these Core Diet Strategies… because they give you Big Bang For Your Buck.

This is why I want you to take the focus away from the good-food/bad-food approach to eating and instead focus on what it takes to build Resilience.

Superfoods for kids – foods that meet these thee criteria I’ve outlined here – feature strongly in the 3 week meal plan I’ve included in my Raising Resilience Jumpstart program. I actually built the plan around them so I could help families use food strategically to influence their child’s behaviour.



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