The Gluten-Free/Casein Free Diet – Helpful or Hype? (video)

Gluten, dairy and behaviour – is there a link?

Is this all hype? Or is there something to this diet strategy? Is it worth the trouble?

I hear these questions all the time from parents so I want to give you some answers.

I work mostly with families who are trying to help their kids better self regulate. These kids are struggling with attention, focus, behaviour, autism, depression, anxiety, phobias etc. I help them figure out if and how food might be playing a role.

While you will find research published to support and refute a GF/CF diet, I find it to be a very helpful starting place if you are just beginning on this adventure. But it’s just that – a starting place.

Elsewhere on my blog and also in my book I explain how to use food as your #1 tool to help your kids. You can read more about my approach to helping families here, here and here.

In the live stream training posted below that I did on my Facebook page, I go through:

    • 5 reasons why taking out gluten and dairy is often the first diet recommendation you will hear when you look for non-medical ways to help your kids calm down, focus, learn better and self regulate
    • how to make it a safe diet strategy for your kids
    • some of the research to support GF/CF
    • 4 pitfalls you need to know about if you are going to do this.

    The training is about 50 minutes long

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