Food For Mental Health, Better Learning and Behaviour Struggles

What and how we feed our kids can help them feel better, behave better, learn better, and function better.

Strategically using food is something you can learn to do at home and can have a huge impact on your child’s mental health and emotional stability.

If you find yourself on a long wait list or unable to find other help, start using food now. It makes a big difference.

Start slowly, with manageable changes. Start with breakfast like I outline below. As you get more comfortable, you can branch into the other Core Strategies I teach.

In the Roger’s Daytime segment below I highlight some of the foods I love that can help with mental health, emotional stability and can help your child feel and function better.


Find the recipe for that breakfast milkshake and 2 other breakfasts for better mental health and wellness by clicking the link below. You’ll also be added to my mailing list so you can learn how to use food strategically to help your kids feel better and thrive.

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