Finding Your Starting Point (video)

So… You want to make some health changes for your family? Of course you do. That’s why you’re here.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand, relax. You are NOT alone. Every single parent who walks in to my world has lofty health goals for their kids… and is overwhelmed.

Maybe you want:
– your child to calm down
– your child to have more energy
– your child’s skin to clear up
– your child’s bedtime to be easier
– your child to be less aggressive
– your child to stop waking up during the night
– your child to stop being so picky about food
– to stop getting the phone calls home from the school principal
– to start seeing better grades
– …..

Whatever your health goal, it’s amazing that you have it, amazing that you’re pursuing it, and I want to help you achieve that goal.

But here’s the thing….in order to be successful, you have to find a system, you have to have strategy and you have to find the starting point. If you don’t do that you will stay overwhelmed and you will get absolutely nowhere.

Here’s how I suggest you find a place to start:

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