Eat The Rainbow… here’s how (video)

  Certain families of phytonutrients have been associated with different colors.  When you “eat the rainbow” you ensure you are getting some of every family represented in your diet. If you struggle getting all the colors into yourself or your kids, scroll down to the bottom of this post to learn about the ONLY broad spectrum supplement…

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Strategies for a “gentle cesarean birth” (video)

A lot of research has been done over the last few years exploring the relationship between cesarean sections and the development of illness later in life.  It turns out that c-sections, while they are sometimes critical, do seem to put a child at an increased risk for certain illnesses like diabetes type 1, asthma, allergy,…

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Vitamin A in Pregnancy: toxic or essential?

Vitamin A is a critical nutrient for healthy pregnancy. Sufficient vitamin A in pregnancy is needed for proper fetal skeletal and palette formation, proper development and regulation of the immune system, proper communication between the senses and the brain and proper lung development. In animal tests vitamin A deficiency in pregnancy animals produced spontaneous abortion,…

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