Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting.  Catchy title, isn’t it? It’s the name of the best parenting book I’ve come across.   My go-to resource. Sim-pli-fy – “to make something simpler or easier to do or understand”.    Simplify.  Just the sound of the word makes my shoulders drop and eyes close and my body breathe in… deeply.  It sets my…

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Can I handle this one?

Parental intuition is a valuable tool.   I wish parents were taught to nurture it.  As a new mother, when it came to my children’s health I was constantly faced with the same decision – can I deal with this myself? Or do I need the help of an expert? I still second guess and panic, but 3 children, 6…

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The Dinner Battle

This one’s for parents….Imagine this scenario: You come home from a busy day and you have 30 minutes to get dinner on the table before you can expect one of your kids to melt down.  You’re hungry and tired, but you get to work in the kitchen.  You marvel at your own creativity as you…

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Hello and welcome to my blog!! This is where we can really get to know each other.  It’s where I can share with you the craziness that goes on in my kitchen, where we can vent about our frustrations and celebrate our culinary successes. The focus of this blog is on feeding families.  It’s no…

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