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Setting a mindset of possibility (video)

Sometimes its a mindset shift that stands between you and meaningful change. In this post I address a little phrase, or a mindset actually, that can be a real barrier to achieving your goals. Do you fall into this trap?  How do you handle it? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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The Power Of the After School Snacks

September is a transition month. Schedules are changing, expectations are changing, even the weather is changing. For many kids, transitions are a mood triggers. More melt downs, more “crazy” behaviour, or perhaps more exhaustion, apathy, and withdrawal. Different kids, different moods. But often similar underlying issues we can try to relieve once we become conscious…

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5 Insights My 3 Kids Have Taught Me

When I found out I was pregnant with my third child I imploded on the bathroom floor.  Don’t get me wrong… I was happy.  I was healthy.  I had two beautiful boys.  I lived in the country. I had a great partner.  We wanted another child.  And yet that little blue plus sign unleashed from…

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Maca For Moms: a natural pick-me-up

Feeling sluggish? Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee which will elevate your cortisol levels (your stress hormone), why not turn to maca? Maca is a little-known but highly effective energy booster that provides essential nutrients for physical and mental performance – something your cup of joe won’t do.  You can add it to…

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Taming The Stress Monster

  Remember when you were first pregnant?  That first pair of little socks you were given?  That first kick you felt? Newness.  Optimism.  Excitement. And maybe a little bit of fear. By the time round three came for me, I understood that with the sometimes unbearable joy little people bring comes hard work, a lot…

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4 ways to combat stress for busy mamas

You’re under a great deal of stress. Let’s be honest.  Not only did you carry a child (I don’t care how long ago that was, it takes a serious toll on your body and loads of time to recover),  but you have the hardest job on earth. Let’s list some of the physical stress you’re…

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How I calmed the Mamabear and Made Peace With Halloween

When I became a parent, Halloween down right enraged me. The mamabear in me was horrified – outraged, even – at the thought of allowing my children to go door-to-door to receive poison. Poison! Let’s call a spade a spade… sugar = poison. We all know it to be true. Are you rolling your eyes at…

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Getting everyone through cold and flu season

I went to the doctor today for a physical – my first in years.  I was offered a flu shot and politely declined.  I have never accepted a flu shot, for me or my kids.  Instead, I pay constant attention to supporting each of our immune systems.   I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t get…

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In Search Of The Perfect Diet

What if I told you that there was one way of eating, one diet, that could ensure proper growth and good behaviour in your kids, could reduce sick days, could ensure weight control, could eliminate brain fog and lethargy, could improve sleep and energy, and could avoid all disease? Would you say, “oh… finally! Please…

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Postpartum mood disorders….dietary strategies

It’s time to take on Postpartum Mood Disorders…. Having a baby is the most beautiful, exciting moment of your life, right?  Not for some.  Postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis – a collection of mental illnesses particular to the circumstances of pregnancy and mothering –  are estimated to affect about 10-15% of women (1). That some…

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