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Eat The Rainbow… here’s how (video)

  Certain families of phytonutrients have been associated with different colors.  When you “eat the rainbow” you ensure you are getting some of every family represented in your diet. If you struggle getting all the colors into yourself or your kids, scroll down to the bottom of this post to learn about the ONLY broad spectrum supplement…

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Strategies for a “gentle cesarean birth” (video)

A lot of research has been done over the last few years exploring the relationship between cesarean sections and the development of illness later in life.  It turns out that c-sections, while they are sometimes critical, do seem to put a child at an increased risk for certain illnesses like diabetes type 1, asthma, allergy,…

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The microbiome – (video)

If you’ve ever met me, taken one of my workshops, heard me speak, or read any of my writing, you’ll know that I’m gut obsessed. If I could teach parents just one thing about how to raise resilient, healthy kids it would be how to support their digestion The microbiome of the body – that is,…

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Why Is My Kid Such a Picky Eater?

Post #4 in a series of 4 for managing picky eaters!  This is the final one for now. All of the advice so far has had to do with social dynamic issues that can be underlying picky eating.  Now in this post I’m shifting gears to talk about physiological concerns that can be part of…

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Picky Eaters – Tip #3 (video)

Now for tip #3 for managing picky eaters! In a previous post I started explaining my approach to picky eaters and how I approached our picky eater when he was 3.  He’s now 4 and things are going much, much better. The first post was all about food battles and how to avoid them (and why).  The second one…

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Tricks to get kids to eat

  This is post number 2 about managing The Picky Eater. When my middle child was three he went through a very picky stage which allowed me to actually test out some of the recommendations I give other parents.  Guess what? They worked.  He’s four now and these techniques work to avoid a simple “phase”…

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Got picky eaters? Here’s how I manage mine (video post)

Tip #1 for Managing Picky Eaters I have three children.  My three year old, I used to  characterize as “one of those picky eaters”. This post is part 1 of a series in which I want to share some of the things I did in this situation.  He’s not nearly as picky any more.

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Healthy Fat – an oxymoron?? (video)

Have you ever second guessed yourself? I mean, you find yourself doing something that you’ve always done but you start thinking “I wonder if this is a good thing to do?” When it comes to fat, this seems to come up a lot.  Can I cook with olive oil? Is butter good or bad? Should…

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