Autism One 2014

What are we to do in The Age of Autism?  What I found at Autism One 2014.   I went to Chicago last week to learn more about autism. I wanted to learn why 1 in 50 kids has autism (1). Why 1 in 6 has a neuro-developmental condition (2). Why 54% of kids in…

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Why Is My Kid Such a Picky Eater?

Post #4 in a series of 4 for managing picky eaters!  This is the final one for now. All of the advice so far has had to do with social dynamic issues that can be underlying picky eating.  Now in this post I’m shifting gears to talk about physiological concerns that can be part of…

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Why snacks matter

I’m always looking for healthy snack recipes.  I’m a busy mother of three young children; they need to eat a lot and they need to eat often. Aside from offering my family healthy meals, keeping a supply of healthy snacks on hand that can be whipped up quickly – offering one mid morning, and one…

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